Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Posts? What Posts?

Uh... sorry guys...

So I should have been writing posts about the toils and trials of being single... but I can't... cause I'm not, and one thing I know more than anything else, is that you should write about what you know. SO, should my foot hit the dating pond again, you can consider this a promise that I'll be back over here in a heart beat.

But to the point of this post - After much debate, I've decided to launch a new blog, which will still contain my constant witticisms on life, and my somewhat cynical critiques on the dating world... just not over here... because I enacted a fatal flaw when I created this blog... I kept the name - too narrow. So I shant make that mistake again.

Please, stay tuned for more exciting information in the coming weeks.

Any Questions? Oh... yes you... the heavy breather, in the corner...

Yes I need time to come up with a name. So, in the mean time you can still follow me on twitter, like always @SingleDC.

"Will your twitter name change?"
You know I've thought about this... and I can't tell you for sure... I'm thinking, no, because it's short and sweet, and damnit I like it.

"Why are you not on the market anymore?! I wanted to date you!"
Let's be real, you probably did. Since I dated EVERYONE.

"What are some potential names for your new blog?"
Uh... I'm not telling you. I don't want you to steal them.

"What kind of stuff is going to be on your new blog?"
Uh... I'm thinking lifestyle/bad-cooking advice/stories about playing kickball, dodgeball, and bocce ball in the district/rants on the fate of DC if Rumors closes/Stories about going to Rumors/Stories about that one time I walked by Rumors during the day and it was closed/Stories about me peering through the window at Rumors to see if people are dancing during lunch time... you know... my life.

In fact, I thought about the new name, Rumors Addict, but I decided that sent the wrong message... or the right one, you pick.

But any way...
I'll keep you posted!

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