About My Blog

After a series of relationships back to back, I've been single for what seems like an eternity. An eternity, where people around me have met, dated, loved, and broke up with all of their significant others and now are strewn about the DC dating scene like quarters that didn't make the cup.

I'm not single because I can't find someone; I'm single because I'm trying to find myself before I drag someone else into my hectic life, my crazy family, and my awesome friends, which is not saying that I'm not looking for someone who's tender and awesome and interested in being a part of the extended family craziness, because if I find that person I'm seriously going to leech on and not let go.

I'm an alumnus of American University (I fell in love with DC, and I had to stay) who somehow managed to find a slew of men to date in AU's hostile 30% men 70% female environment, where at least 50% of the men are batting for my team (if you catch my drift) and 25% of the men are taken and 20% of the men are sleeping with at least 5 other people, so that really limited the quantity of keepers to 5% men to 70% women.

This valuable learning ground for attracting men in dire situations allowed me to build up a repertoire of successful techniques to meet people across rooms, on the bus, behind you in lectures/seminars, in formal dining rooms, in crappy dining rooms, libraries, random people on the streets who look kind of familiar, etc... Which means if a slightly shy southern girl who has LOST her accent (yeah, so don't say it's because you have that cool southern twang, because I dont.) can do it any one can.

These skills can be used not only in a highly charged collegiate environment, but in real life too, as anyone who has met me can attest. Life is short, it's a mix of the Milton Bradley game and the parody version, the game of REAL life, and I do not play to play. I play to win.

So this blog is a bit advice, a lot of stories, and mostly about finding yourself in your 20s, before someone else finds you, and sweeps you away.