Friday, January 21, 2011

Date Places, Because You Wanted to Know. (1 of 3)

So after the great Craigslist escapade where I increased my readers by... x20, a lot of people shot me messages about, wanting to know more about dating in the city. SO! Here goes!

I've come up with a list of some great places for a variety of dates depending on your interests.

If you consider yourself one of the following, keep reading, because I'll have date spots lined up for you in no time.
Movie Buffs

Other types will be discussed during follow up posts.

Movie Buffs
You're in for quite a treat. I don't know if most of you realize, but the opportunities to watch films in this city abound.
The National Gallery of Art offers you a selection of great films, check out their website and a list for upcoming movies by visiting their website.
Just a short metro ride away in Silver Spring, you can visit AFI for upcoming film series and to see independent films which may or may not have made it to your local theatre.
For those looking for something a bit more grand, the Uptown located in Cleveland Park offers mostly blockbuster movies in a historic setting, which has played a part in the film premieres of, "Dances with Wolves," and "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Even though the winter months have set a frost on the ground, don't let it frost over your dating plans. While it may be more difficult to enjoy Dumbarton Oaks or hiking through Rock Creek Park, getting out to enjoy nature is still possible in a warm environment.
The U.S. Botanical Gardens offers plants year round in an enclosed (and warm) environment. You can walk through and enjoy the experience, or take part in a hands on learning extravaganza instead. The Botanical Gardens are located right next to the Capitol Building.
If you're feeling the urge for a more challenging outdoor opportunity in the warmer months, rent kayaks at the Georgetown Waterfront and set about to explore Roosevelt Island, which is a beautiful, 88-acre park in the middle of the Potomac.

If you're an art lover you probably already know about the extensive collections in the Smithsonians and the National Gallery of Art, but you might not know about the Corcoran, which has rotating exhibits by modern and more classical artists, as well as, the opportunity to view artists coming out of their Art School located on the premises.
Eastern Market also offers a great place to take a date, because of the food all around you, as well as the art by local artists for sale during the market on the weekends. Sometimes other vendors will be selling older art in their stalls as well.
If you're more into performing arts, check out the play schedules of popular theatres in the area, depending on what kind of theatre you're into you can catch varying performances. Woolly Mammoth Theatre has contemporary plays and offers a pay what you can night during the runs of various shows. Ford's Theatre offers plays in a more historical setting, as well as, the ominous presence of Abraham Lincoln's private booth, where he was shot on April 14th, so many years ago.
Shakespeare is also still alive and well in the metro area with The Shakespeare Theatre Company in NW DC and Washington Shakespeare Company in Arlington.

This is a part of a 3 part series to help get people out in the metro area for great dates!

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