Monday, January 31, 2011

Off the Beaten Path - Sporty Dates.

You all know of the Major Professional Sporting Teams in the Washington, DC Area...

But what about some a little off the beaten path?

I know you've all been paying attention to the DC Rugby scene as diligently as I have! (HA) But in case you missed the memo, we have a kind of re-invigorated dating activity for all those sports fans out there. I say kind of new because, well the DC Slayers have been playing as a part of the American National Rugby League for quite a while in the DC Area, but they've jumped ship! On January 12, they announced plans to join a New Semi-Pro League, the USARL or USA Rugby League.

While the AMNRL had hopes of expanding teams in the west this coming summer, they should have been focusing on making their current teams content. Instead all of the DC Slayers' Summer 2011 fixtures, being potentially spread across the country (let's be real, semi-pro's struggled to get around the east coast, much less across country), once again you can rest assured that quality Rugby-licious entertainment will be available to you at a higher level than American U.'s flaccid rugby club.

To stay up to date on all DC Slayer's news (HA!) visit their FACEBOOK page, because honestly I haven't seen the main one change in months.

A little dinner and a round of golf could land you a hole-in-one by the end of the night... no but really.
The swanky and hip, H STREET COUNTRY CLUB offers you a free round of INDOOR golf with every dinner purchased Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Every other day it's around $7 to play a round. I do offer a word of caution though, located in NE DC you might want to make sure you've got your running shoes to dodge the bullets. On the upside, street parking in the area is free after 6 p.m.(Mon-Sat.) and all day Sunday.

If you live on the outskirts of town, may I also recommend 18 holes in the Reston, VA area. WOODY'S GOLF offers not only an award winning mini-golf, but also driving ranges and batting cages, for a full range of whacking balls and relieving stress. And just a heads up for those of you unawares, if you're looking for batting cages in the area for those not playing little-league, this is practically the only establishment I've found so far.

For those of us looking for a bit more closer to the path, college basketball in the area offers Division I games in all price ranges.

George Washington Colonials: $12-25 from nosebleeds to court-side.
Georgetown Hoyas: $34 - 165 nosebleeds to court-side (plays in the Verizon Center)
American Eagles: $7 - 15

Granted there are other college sporting events in the area, so if you're interested I highly recommend checking out the other various DC college athletics.

Keep Reading for more dating activities in the DC Area.

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