Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dating Under the "New" Zodiac

For the entirety of my life, I've defined myself as a Pisces. I've blamed my constant day dreams and horribly vivid nighttime dreaming on my Zodiac sign, but now under the new proposed zodiac I've become... an Aquarius.

Many people have had their horoscopes flipped upside down with the newly proposed zodiac signs, defined by the fact that our "dates" which correspond with the stars, no longer line up, and in fact this is in part due to the Babylon's tossing out an entire constellation in the horoscope belt.

But I know what some of you are thinking. How does this effect my dating life? Before I was a great match with taurus, cancer, scorpios and capricorns, but now... who am I compatible with? Most astrology charts regarding relationships haven't even included ophiucus, and many people are left wondering about what to do from here.

I'm going to be honest. For the majority of my dating life I haven't even looked at my partner's sign, maybe should have, but I didn't. And to be perfectly truthful, I don't think you need to focus on trying to make sense out of a relationship based on Astrology. People are so different, that shoving us into 13 different categories and saying that you can only have a successful relationship with 4 of these categories, might make it easier for you to narrow down a pleathora of suitors, but if you're actually looking at the person instead of their grouping, you begin to realize that people will always surprise you in how they break stereotypes.

Yes. Some people fall properly into place, but that's because they're pandering to their own stereotype. A person who is a unique individual and recognizes that about themselves, wont fall properly into any of the 13 categories.

I could pick and choose endless traits out of both pisces and aquarius that I could resemble, but I could also go through capricorn, scorpio and gemini and find traits that describe me as well.

So what I'm trying to say here is that, yes, zodiac signs, make dating convenient because if you have a bad date with girl x you can blame it on the fact that you weren't astrologically compatible, but you're limiting yourself using astrology as your base. So what this sudden enlightenment regarding zodiac has done, has really opened the field for your dating possibilities, because now, you can't know how an ophiucus relates to you. You no longer know whether or not you're even your own zodiac.

So take this new discovery and don't let it hinder you. Don't say, but now this guy is an aries and they're horrible people. Use it instead as a wake up call towards the fact that you can't possibly know everything. Including things that you once thought were set in stone, like your zodiac sign. Use it as an opportunity to discover new people that you once thought were closed to you because of their zodiac signs.

What you find, might surprise you.


  1. I had no clue that they have a "new" zodiac system...this could be why I'm not having any luck! Haha, I need some excuse, right?

    1. They apparently keep rolling it out every decade or so, like it's brand new. People forget about it, then they roll it out again... Who knew!? I'm sure you're doing fine!! Best of luck!


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