Monday, March 14, 2011

Dating Season

Spring is like catnip for singles.

Before you know it everyone who is anyone has someone that they can't seem to get enough of, and if you want to beat the trend and catch the good ones before they're caught for the season, you need to be on the up and up of places to go to meet cool, trendy, and fun people looking to couple up.

Sports on the Mall
It's pick up game season. The sun is starting to send a bit of warmth and before you know it, young adults will be swarming the National Mall and the parks in the area with bats, balls, and cleats in hand. For what it's worth, buy a frisbee. Pick a friend. Go to the Mall, and I'm sure you'll make a friend or two before the day is through.

Gym, Yoga Class, the Pool
Chances are you'll also meet someone who has similar goals of keeping in tip top shape. The key to meeting people in this fashion is to be friendly and not worry about how nappy your hair looks, because theirs probably looks just as bad.

The Bus/Metro
You've been making eye contact with them since December. Day in Day out, they're consistently 3 seats away from you morning and evening. It's about time you stepped up to the plate. Maybe move 2 seats closer. You know they have a particular seat. They know that you do, and it's about time you stepped out of your comfort zone and into the hot seat. Literally... the person next to them just got up. You should sit down.

A Concert
It's loud. It's rocking, and people are there to have a good time. Even the people working. I'm not saying become the next groupie, but I am saying that sound and lighting guys are just as single as the drunk ass mo-fo hanging all over the bar. So, take an interest. Ask questions. Be engaging. Really those are lessons for dating in general. The more interested you are in someone's life. The more willing they are to 1. talk with you. 2. break down their barriers and 3. actively consider to see you outside of the current situation.

The Internet.
I know you think I'm crazy, but trust me on this. If you can shuffle through the "oh hey sexay you totes my woman" posts, then you can probably find someone worth dating.

Dog Park
If you have a dog, you have an instant in, especially if your dog is curious and likes to sniff people's crotches... or ankles if they're tiny. If you don't have a dog, it's time you pulled out a book (or picked up dog walking) and visited your local dog park anyway. You could just be sitting on a bench outside your apartment enjoying a drag off a cig, when up walks Charlie and his owner Sam. Before you know it, you've got to stub out the cig, but you've also got a new friend, who probably visits the park at least once a week, if not daily.

Batting Cages. (Works better if you're a girl)
If you're sporty and looking to pick up someone equally so. VISIT PLACES THEY HANG OUT. Don't go to the Kennedy Center's free concerts (unless you want someone artsy too). GO SOMEWHERE SPORTY. Granted I only know of one batting cage in the area, but If you and friend go and there's a cutie in the next cage. Ask for advice. If their advice sucks, pretend it's awesome... or challenge them. Either way.

Farmer's Markets
Hello spring time, thy name is fresh fruit. I saw the first watermelon of the season last weekend, and boy did it just light up my life. The great thing about spring is that everyone has just come out of a 4 month extension of cabin fever. They're out, about, and looking to enjoy themselves in the newly warm weather. If you like fresh produce and enjoy soaking up the much needed vitamin D from el sol, the farmer's market will be a great place for you to take part of both. BONUS: Everyone else there is out doing the same thing. So you automatically have something in common, and if you reach for the same ear of corn, by jove, instant conversation starter. "The corn this year is so gorgeous." (yes that comment is lame, but you get the point). ENGAGE IN CONVERSATIONS PEOPLE!!

So wherever your cookie crumbles this spring dating season, take a minute to look around for potentials, because if you're looking, chances are someone's looking for someone just like you.

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