Thursday, March 31, 2011

Am I on a Date?!

After a string of horribly unsuccessful dates that we're calling March Madness, I think I had a successful one. However, I'm not too sure, whether or not I was actually on a date or just hanging out...

Since I'm not the only one who has had this problem within the last week or so, this post is going to be all about determining whether or not you're actually on a date with a few helpful questions.

1. Is it predetermined?
Was the meeting set up a few days ahead of time...?
Did they call 5 mins before, because they were hungry?
Is it 4 a.m. and he just got off work at the bar? Subtext booty.

2. How did you get to the restaurant?
Were you picked up?
Did you get there by yourself?
Did you beg him to come pick you up cause you ran out of gas, at which point, he says never mind?

3. How'd you pick the restaurant?
Joint Decision?
Did he say "I needed Lebanese food like yesterday?"
Were you walking down the street with no destination and your favorite restaurant looms ahead, to which they say, let's go there?
Did he find the double golden arches and say, "hamburgers are so cheap, let's go there!"

4. How is the conversation?
Healthy mix of conversation?
Dead silence while she inhales her food?
All she does is complain about everything (not necessarily a way to tell, but I'd stop dating them if all they do is complain).

5. What happens afterwards?
Do they hop, jump, skip to their car as fast as possible and speed away?
Are they open to something else?
Did they hand their number to the waitress and drop you off at your place only to go back to hers?

6. Who Paid?
Predetermined Dutch?
The person who asked the other one out?
They asked you out, but you offer to pay, and they don't insist you put your money away.

I'm sure out of this list of six questions you can determine whether or not you're on a date
But what happens if your evening has met all the requirements, and you're standing there unkissed at the end of the night? I'm sure you're thinking, but I thought it went so well!!! I thought we had the Best. Night. Ever. So here's a final question for you...

7. What does it mean if it's date 2 and you still haven't been kissed?
Maybe they're horribly shy...
Maybe they can't tell if you want to be kissed, for example you started out as good friends and they broke the barrier by asking you out.
Maybe they realize this isn't going to work.

I'm just saying that there are situations where a person who likes you, still hasn't kissed you by the end of date 2.
Here's what I suggest. If they stop calling... they're probably over it. If they continue to pursue, I'd go with the first or second reasons. In order to ascertain whether or not they actually are interested in pursuing you, get into their personal space. Linger on a hug longer than necessary and look them in the eye. If you're close enough and go half way towards their face as if to kiss them, they should close the distance if there's interest. If they don't, you could do what one of my friends did when entrapping a manfriend. She simply walked right up to him and said, "Are you gonna kiss me or what!?" It's bold, but she did it, and landed a boyfriend out of it. So. It's doable.

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