Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Girl Walks into a Bar...

One of my friends recently went out into DC and had an awesome time. She danced the night away. Met cute guys, and had some alcohol. She went home with the people she came with, and went to bed.

Then she got a text.

Think late night text. Think tons of texts, over a period of several days. All saying very similar things.
"Hey, let's meet up!"
"Hey, what's up!"
"Had a great time last night! Do it again?"

For a while she responded, and it was just another guy from a bar. But she realized how uninterested she actually was, and stopped responding.

The texts kept coming.
They didn't stop.
But still she refrained from responding.

Then one night, as she was getting ready for the next day she gets a text from him, "Hey do you want me to stop talking to you? Because you're not responding, and I'm getting that vibe" (or something really similar... )

And she responded, "I think that would be for the best."

Hours pass...

He says, "So... should I delete your number."

"Probably so..."
"Is it because I didn't take you on a date?! Would you want to go on a date with me?!"
"Nope, not interested."
"I guess I lost my chance, :("

She doesn't respond and crawls into bed.

at 2:43 in the morning, he texts again... "I could have loved you." No joke. A random guy in a bar actually texted her, "I could have loved you."

First off, mad props to her for grabbing a guy's heart in only one night.

Now here's my question. What planet is John Doe living on, where that is a kosher text?! I can understand being disappointed in losing a potential, but how does someone go about deciding that after their potential shoots them down point blank, they should mention love?

Desperation people. Stop resorting to desperation. If someone says no... that means no. There are nearly 7 BILLION people on the earth. Resorting to petty despair over someone you hardly know isn't endearing. It's pathetic. Fish. Sea. There's tons of them. Why resort to belittling yourself in order to reach out to one person, who has already said not interested...

Now I'm not sure if the guy was trying to pander to the female need of love and connection, but she already told him that he should stop texting her and delete her number.

So here's the moral of the story: If you meet someone, and they no longer seem interested, stop bombarding them with texts. It's unattractive. Because odds are, with the amount of time you're wasting on the uninterested party, you could have found 2 other potentials. Both of which probably could have loved you back.

(Disclaimer: all texts aside from "I could have loved you" are approximate wordings. Actual texts were similar in meaning)


  1. loved this post.
    and sadly I think I have been on both ends of this text convo.
    but lessons are learned and what not.

  2. Thanks!

    Haven't we all... lol!


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