Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you are anything like me, which I hope you're not... I like being original. You have probably given out your phone number to a rather less than choice individual, several times.

For example one night I was bebopping at Rumors and made the dumb decision to give the bartender my number, which led to a series of horribly unnecessary interactions and painful dates, followed by at least two months of batting away his phone calls when I very much did not want to be getting them. The majority of them a series of apologies dumping wine on me and then the date where he was still hung over with him puking while we were at some little restaurant in Van Ness. Wholly Unpleasant.

It's all part of life, giving out your number getting a crazy stalker and trying to move past what was and towards what should be, well, as I was watching a story that popped up on my dating feed about dating people in the military, the lady speaking mentioned double checking to make sure people are who they say they are and never giving out your real number, because you never know how annoying this new potential could become. They could text you every 5 mins; they could stalk you using your number and locate your address; they could even wind up being CRAZY after you dump them and never leave you alone.

Well have I got something interesting for all my readers out there.


What is vumber?
It's a brilliant app that allows you to create another phone number using ANY area code in the United States. When someone calls this new number the phone call is sent to your phone and you have a plethora of options once you receive the call. I highly recommend looking into it, because you can get a 2 week free trial and find out what you think!

I'll be trying it out soon so I'll keep all you crazy cats posted!


  1. Emily A6/24/2011

    Ok that's seriously awesome!

  2. Beneficial if I gave out my number, lol.

  3. I love your post - this is a gutsy and awesome blog..people will love to read it (including me!)


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