Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh God No...

So I recently started promising new posts every Monday and Thursday, because I decided that if I wanted to be semi-professional about what was going on here, I needed some sort of structure, versus the 3 posts one week and nothing the next. 

But if you're a regular reader, you noticed... I haven't posted the last three days I promised posts... 

Oh trust me, I had posts lined up and being worked on... Posts like "Turn Up the Burner I'm Getting Cold," "The Quadfecta of Electronic Dumping," and a rather sassy post about things I don't like about Dating in DC... followed by a list of things I do enjoy regarding DC Dating. (Just so you know what to look forward to!!)

But I thought I'd just post a brief note for you today, on Valentine's Day to let you know what happened and where I have been. 

Two weekends ago, I had made plans to essentially camp out at my friend Sam's apartment all weekend, due to drinking activities that were commencing. (I try to be responsible). Since I live out in bumblescratch Bethesda, it's rather expensive to Taxi back late at night from Rumors (hehe) repetitively, and Sam has an open couch. 

So I packed my bag and planned for a weekend of no boys. Focused on just hanging with the girls and having a good time. Friday night I had a Game Night with girls from my old sorority. It went off pretty well and I slept on Sam's couch...  Saturday, as I sat in the living room watching TV and chit chatting with Sam and her roommates, I got a phone call from my mom. 

"We're OOOOOOKAY. Everything is OOOOOKAY. There is NOT a thing to worry about because it's OOOOOOKAY." 
"Dad is getting some tests done at the hospital, but everything is fiiiine."
"Sweet, then uh... why did you calling me if he's ok?" 
"Just letting you know in case you hear it from someone else."
"Sweet. Tell Dad hi. Talk to you later! Loveya, bye!"

About four hours later, my brother calls. 

"Yo, uh Dad's in the hospital."
"I know Mom called."
"Oh, uh sweet, so you know about x,y, and z?" 
"Nope, but thanks for the update, keep me posted!"
"Aight, Loveya Pooter."
"Loveya, bye!"

By now I've ordered some Pizza Movers (which by the way is not as good as Ledos), started my dinner  and preceded with watching bad TV while waiting on Sam to get back from a date with her BF, so that our friend Hannah could come over, and we could all head out to go get a round somewhere. 

I finish dinner. Sam gets home. Hannah comes over. We get dressed and all pile into my car on our way to the Four Ps in Cleveland Park to have a nice simple girls night. 

I'm maybe 5 blocks away from Sam's house when my phone rings. 

Needless to say, everything was not OOOOOKAY. 

Within 12 hours I was back in Texas. Within 48, I was a nervous wreck. 

I can only imagine how my mother must have felt.... it must have been heart wrenching. 

I spent the next 7 days away from my computer, instead focusing on what I could do to make my mom's life a little easier as she dealt with her curmudgeonly patient. Writing on this blog was the least important thing on my mind. 

While everything is not necessarily back to normal, things are looking up and our patient is making a speedy recovery. 

The events of the past 10 days have shown me some great things though... 

One, I have an amazing extended family. 
Two, Someone had an eye out for my father, because had he not gone to the hospital when he did... He would actually not be here today. I know people say that a lot, but in all seriousness... had he waited an hour to get to the hospital... or a day... or proceded with his own busy weekend plans... The likelihood of him not existing in the flesh was astounding.
Three, I still consistently believe that you should let the people in your life know exactly how you feel about them, because while that fight/argument might seem serious today - tomorrow they might not be around for you to apologize. 

So, that's where I've been. 
Just thought I'd let you know and potentially give you a little more information on my life that you might not actually care about. 

Upside though... I feel really, really good about the companionship with ManMe, because not only did he offer assistance from the faraway land of Pennsylvania, he consistently checked in with me to see if I was ok, and ask how Pops was doing. At least I know that he's a good person. 

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