Monday, July 12, 2010

The "Hi" Text

Where my girls at? Yeah? You know exactly what this blog is gonna be about.

So imagine if you will, a boy.
Now, imagine a girl.

Now imagine if they have a whirlwind romance...

Things are going good. Both parties seem to be enjoying the mutual thing you have going on. When all of the sudden... BOOM. Nothing.

You send a few texts they respond kind of platonically so, you being the rational person you are, slowly begin to accept that the other party is no longer interested. You begin to emotionally move on and start hunting out new guys to have whirlwind romances with.

When you get a text.

You check your phone.

It's them.

Your stomach flips a bit and you excitedly open it.


Now you might be wondering. What exactly is this text saying aside from the obvious standard greeting?

Well according to one sender of this so informative text, it's a great thing, because they texted it to me in their sleep.


It's my belief that you sent the "Hi" text because you know you're up shit creek without a paddle and you have no idea what else to text, but you still want to have the other party in your life, because you still kinda like them.

So the recipient of the Hi text is now in a horribly awkward situation, do you respond? do you ignore? do you say "YO WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?" Well you can always respond with a hi or a heya or a hello you m*f-er, but either way it's up to you to figure out the situation. If you're still into the guy and know exactly where you stand with them then this text would be o.k. but if you're a bit confused in the relationship, then you know as well as I that this text is only causing more confusion.

It's a tough text, you can try to engage the sender or just play them at their game, either way... I can say that if you feel under-appreciated with this text and under-appreciated by your significant other in general, then you should call out the person sending it. Just say, yo, what's the deal, and if they respect you enough or would like to continue seeing you then they're more than likely going to respond in a positive manner.

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