Thursday, August 5, 2010

DC The Poorman's Dating District

You're more than strapped for cash, you haven't seen hide, nor hair since last Christmas went Auntie Pip Pip slid $10 into your back pocket while giving you a hug that last just a bit too long.

You're paying rent.
You're paying phone bill.
You're paying taxes.
You're paying groceries.
You're paying for the Chipotle Burrito you thought would be a good idea about an hour ago.

But you just can't afford to pay for that date.

Anyone whose picked up a Washingtonian during the summer knows that they are all over this free stuff to do in the summer thing, but you can't even afford to take a look at one of those...

So I thought, I'd come up with some fun, free events happening in the DC area for you to enjoy with that potential significant other, and then I realized that someone else had already done that for me. is probably the best website you've never heard of, with only 195 followers, this blog is an untapped resource for fun, current, free date ideas. This is not your, walk around the monuments under the stars kinda date.
They have art openings, exhibits, concerts, plays, film festivals, and more.
Did I mention that everything they post is... free and in the DC area?!

Other than that, a cute idea is to take your date and a batch of popsicles to the Sculpture Garden Fountain next to the Mall. It's a great spot to people watch and get to know each other in a public setting.

Skip the date worthy Air and Space Museum in Favor of the National Gallery of Art either modern or classic. Take each other to your favorite painters or roam the halls in search of something more.

If you're on the more adventurous side and prefer the rush of adrenaline. Fountain Jumping also gives you the chance to see how daring your date can be. You can also form serious bonds as you grasp each other's hands running from the cops. Think of yourselves as a modern day Bonny and Clyde, minus the whole dying in a blaze of gunfire.

Cook for each other. (O.K. not necessarily free, but definitely fun). Maybe you can't cook to save your life, but there's a cookbook and a recipe and a grocery store calling your name. Make a night of it. Don't go shopping before hand. Shop together. Hand in Hand strolling down the aisles you'll get the chance to explore how you feel in a domestic setting. And while you might not be able to afford double-dutch-chocolate cake after dinner, I'm sure you'll be able to scrounge up some desert.

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  1. Anonymous9/02/2010

    Pitch this!!! This is so good and so magazine worthy. get busy lady!


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