Monday, August 16, 2010


After a debate with a few friends about the benefits of dating younger and older people, and some discussions of social networking along with dating, we came across a question... Is being Facebook friends with your potential beneficial for your relationship?

Now for the older generations, if you're into that, Facebook is used for networking with co-workers and families. They have completely respectable profiles with nothing unseemly. Friends post questions about going to the lake, or did you finish that report yesterday?

However, the younger generations use Facebook as a tell all about our friends, relationships, and general life drama... which means if you friend your potential and they're in the 14-28 age bracket, you're going to have to deal with a whole slew of people pulling your new girl/guy into 50 directions. You'll see the comments about "Had a great time last night!" or "Heyo baby-girl, I'm looking for a massage tonight, you down?" or "Drinks all around! Lookin for some Touch!" And honestly, do you really want to see all the other peeps competing for your potential?

Personally, I'm not a proponent of the friending your potentials or your actuals or your exes... in fact I don't suggest friending anyone that you could potentially be romantically entangled with, because it just promotes constant jealousy, which isn't good for you. Isn't good for him, and could be potentially damaging to the future of your paths together.

Nowing the here-abouts and where-abouts of your potential 24/7 creates a stalking magnet that you can't afford to be... because truly, who wants to be a stalker? No one, but in todays day and age when people pop up on your wall every minute, you can see updates like the drop of a hat. And everyone knows that as soon as you bring up the phrase, "Oh I saw that you were into..." it looks like all you did all day before the date was Facebook Stalk in order to mold yourself into who you think they want you to be.

So if Miss Hottie shoots you a friend request... I sincerely support you rejecting it. However, if you're not down to reject a facebook request, or if you still want to send one... Limited Profile is the gift of the gods.

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