Tuesday, August 24, 2010


How does one deal with date extensions? Do you say yes? Do you say no?
Should you play hard to get and insist you have a previous engagement? It depends.

If you're in the midst of the one of the most painful dates you've been on in a long time and the girl says,
"hey, my friends are out drinking in Dupont. Wanna come with?"
Then you have a very precarious situation on your hands.
Especially if previous in the date you said 1. you were bored with your life. 2. your friends are out of town.
3. You mentioned that you just love Dupont and would never turn down an offer to party there.

So what do you do?

You could mention how you're tired. You could mention that your feet hurt.
You could tell him that his conversation topics make you cry in pain (joke).
Just don't tell him that he's a horrible date. If the person whom you're on a date with is making life
exceedingly awkward for you, and you have no urge to lead him on, then you have to find a way to
let him down easy. I don't know your standard of rejection, but try not to insult the dater. You're dealing
with people's feelings. Don't make this more insulting than rejection already is.

Take into consideration that this person cared enough about getting to know you that they asked you out
on a date. You don't need to lie to them, and you should never have to. In today's society, high moral values
are of mass appeal and honesty highest among them. You shouldn't jeopardize your honor for the sake of not
hurting someone's feelings.

Don't rub the fact that you don't see this going anywhere into their face, but at the same time, don't try to
lie to save them the hurt feelings.

If you're in the midst of possibly one of the greatest dates of your life.
Then you have a pretty positive answer when he asks, "hey do you wanna grab coffee after this?"
You'd be a fool to say no.
What I'm saying is that you shouldn't have to pretend that you're busy for a guy to like you.
Granted if you actually do have plans with some friends, then keep them, but if you're just saying
no to make yourself look busy, then you're already starting the relationship with lies.

It's better to just have plans and not lie. If you already have plans, I don't reccomend blowing your
friends off, just for another hour or two with Miss Gorgeous, because then the friends get bitter
and when the two of you break up, they're not going to want to hear your whining about how you
have no life outside of her.

SO, let's recap. If it's a bad date... just let them know you don't see it working out.
good date... opt for the extension, unless you have previous plans, at which point in time you could
possibly invite him along, and let's be honest, who doesn't want to show off their new arm candy to
all their closest friends?

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