Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What this blog could get me...

So I realized today as I was reading MSN articles between transcribing footage, that blogs are an imperative part of todays job market.

Did you know that? Apparently, blogs are a great way to show writing samples and allow employers to show how dependable you can be.

After a quick rundown of my blog content, I realized plunking down a post on the desk of one of my potential employers in the television and film industry, might not be the best idea.

So I thought I would explore my options and tell my readers about the jobs I could get as a result of this blog.

1. Relationship Counselor
2. employee
3. Matchmaker
4. Relationship Blog/Columnist for
5. Escort
6. Prostitute
7. Bartender

You might question bartender, but when a bar is quiet, and the regular patrons are shuffling in (think cheers), how many times did Sam have to give relationship advice to the patrons? Exactly, I see this working out in the long run.

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