Friday, September 16, 2011

Flag of the DC Single

I was going to attempt to make this flag better using a photoshop like program, but in the year and a half since I last made my website (my actual professional website) - I totally forgot how to make a simple box... soooo yeah, you're getting the crappy paint quality one.

"But LoRo," you're asking, "What is it?"

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Persons above the age of 16, this is the Flag of the DC Singles. Modeled after our very own DC Flag, which was modeled after the great George Washington's coat of arms (or something similar), the Flag of the DC Singles would make our forefather proud because while we're not marching onto the field of battle declaring our freedom and independence... oh wait... maybe we are. Love is a battlefield right?


The Flag displays 4 symbols, the two bars of red, symbolizing the Night and the Day, both of which are acceptable times to party and meet potentials. They're colored red, because everyone knows red is the color of lust and desire and passion, three things any reasonable single should not leave home without.

The Martini glass - the symbol of class and society since James Bond first asked for one shaken not stirred, symbolizes the alcohol imbibed by the thousands upon thousands of people every night as they make their way through bars, clubs, concert halls, and restaurants searching for their true love with a little bit of social lubricant (or a lotta bit, let's be real).

The pair of lace panties - a symbol of sex appeal and desire. A single with a good head on their shoulders embraces who they are and creates their own special blend of sex appeal, grace, lust, and class for the world to see or not see depending on what you're trying to accomplish with pair of panties. Guys are most surely going to ask, "why panties - where's the boxers?"

Boxers are not pretty... unless they're silk and have intricate designs and both creating a silky texture and intricate designs are beyond my paint skills, so lace panties it is...

"Where's the tighty-whities"

Tighty-Whities aren't attractive in real life, they're doubly not attractive on my flag.

"What about the boxer-briefs?"

Now you're just being contentious.

The waves - The waves reminds us that as a DC Single the pond is constantly changing and swirling, ensuring that we know that if we haven’t met the person of our dreams today, due to the consistently transient nature of DC, all we need to do is remember that tomorrow is another day with plenty of new fish in our sea.

So there you have it.

Disagree? Let me know what you'd put on the flag for the DC Single.


  1. I thought the emblem in the middle was shark fins, standing for the ruthless men and women who tear swaths of vermillion carnage through the hapless daters of our area. But I get the waves meaning.

    I like the panties even if my own boxer-briefs are awesome.

    Nicely done!

  2. I can only hope that people will start getting this tattooed on their arms like the real DC flag.... that would be awesome!



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