Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Follow Through

You have been waiting all week for this. The Saturday night date. They promised you butterflies and rocket ships and you are more excited than you've been in a long while.

You shoot the potential a text earlier in the day and get....


No worries, you think, maybe they're still stuck in bed after a crazy night.

So you keep going about your day.

Then it gets closer to the time, and shoot another text.

And you get...


Now you're kind of irked, it's like 4 o'clock and really no one should still be sleeping unless they have the flu, and you hope to God they don't have it, but you're pretty sure they don't.

Now, barring serious illness, family/close friend emergency, or a car crash, the following information stands as is.

So it's about an hour before hand, and you're getting ready hoping that maybe they'll show up, but you're not too sure. So you give them a call.


It's the point of your day where your emotions have hit an all time low. You've been turning down plans from your friends all day, because you have a date, which is supposed to be out of this world, but your magic night is now seemingly out of your grasp because Joe Schmo isn't answering his phone.

You could call again, and maybe get a response about how, OMG I totes forgot, but the odds are you're going to get voicemail... again.

Point of the matter is if this person cares enough about you, then they should have the respect for you to let you know that they aren't going to be able to make it, or that they had an emergency.

But if they just aren't making the effort to return your calls, then it's probably in your best interest to call up your friends and make evening plans with them to replace the ruined date night.

Why sit at home, waiting for the phone to ring, moping and eating caramel coconut brownies, when instead you could be eating caramel coconut brownies in a group, commiserating with people who know what you're going through.

Now if your date for an event isn't returning your phone calls and it's an hour or two before a huge gala where you paid for two people, then it's time to hit up that phonebook. An important friend that every single girl needs is that platonic straight/or gay friend that is there for you no matter what. She/He's the one you call when you need a jar opened or a light bulb changed or a helping hand to move your belongings out of your recent exes apartment, during a snow storm.

So if you don't have that platonic straight/or gay friend, you really need to start looking for one of these first, prior to whole dating game, because that friend can be the difference between wasting $50 on a ticket for a no show, and having a great night with good friends.

In conclusion, a man/woman with no follow through will only continue to disappoint you in the long run, and who needs the stress of wondering if this time they'll show up for the next date or the next event or the next thing when you need them to be there for you. It's better to cut your losses and find someone who values your time and respects you.

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