Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you confused, because I am

Did John say he played hockey, or did Frank? Is Gina a rock climber or is Shaina?

Odds are if you're playing the field... you're level of comprehension over who's on first is out the window.

In fact, you have no idea which guy said what and which girl does what.

So you could be asking yourself, Rose!? If I'm dating multiple people, how do I keep them all straight.

Step one, don't date people that look alike. This is a major faux-pa. Why? Because If JC is just a bigger version of Samson, then you're going to become confused, extremely confused. If your friends are telling you, wow, doesn't he look like that other guy you're dating, Dave, then you probably shouldn't mix the two at the same time. Wait till you're done with Dave and then move on to Smith. BECAUSE, and this is the biggest because of all. Consider the following statement the Holy Grail of multiples dating: IF YOUR FRIENDS THINK THAT THEY LOOK SIMILAR; THEY'RE GOING TO CALL SMITH BY SAMSONS' NAME AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME.

Imagine this: You're sitting, snuggled up on the couch with Gina and all of the sudden your roommate walks in... You're also dating ruth and betty, but Gina doesn't know. Why does she need to. Then it happens. Roommate looks down at you, Hey Roomie, oh hey Betty, good to see you again!

Gina sits up... and is now confrontational. You now have a pissed off girl on your couch and odds are, you're going to get slapped.

Step two, write down, everything you remember about the girl after you have your date, unless you have the memory of a God.
I once had a professor, probably one of the most friendly professors I had, and he would tell the class that the reason he was so good at networking and building up trust and relationships with thousands of people was because he had files on them all. Now I'm not saying that you should start a filing cabinet, or keep your notes in a place easily found by girls/boys you're dating, but what I am saying is that it might be beneficial for you to write down your thoughts and facts about the girl so that you can brush up on who she is before the date. Because no one likes to be told they like to ice skate, knit, and sew when they actually would love to surf, snowboard or sky dive.

Step three, if you still are having trouble telling Steve from Peter and Sally from Sam, then here's my last piece of advice. Stop dating so many people. No, but really. If you're literally dating 3 or 4 different girls every week, then to be perfectly honest you need to consider what's wrong with you. Why do you have such a high turn-over? Maybe you're crass, maybe you're an ass (if you're dating this many peeps, you probs are). You should probably limit your dating quotas to something more managable so that you're giving a fighting chance to the girls/guys you're dating. No one can live up to perfect expectations, and by you expecting them to, you're only hurting yourself.

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