Thursday, April 26, 2012


OK, sooooo I have a confession to make... I love football. Whoosh, I said it. I'm also newly obsessed with the draft. Yes, I've watched in years past, but this year - I even went so far to get updates of every first round pick sent to my phone...

You know why RG3 is awesome? He played college ball in Texas.

Yeah, shut up. I get it. That's weird.

My team (SAINTS!) doesn't even get a pick till the third round, so I've been trying to get excited by who the Eagles chose - Cox, yeah? Yeah?

With that said, I apologize for the absence of posts this week on this lovely blog here, however if you'd like to read my blog post over on SinglesWarehouse, here's the link!

It's a great post about "The Crawl," aka what us ladies do to make sure you menfolk are still attracted to us in the morning.

And if you missed last week's SinglesWarehouse post about purging your little black book, check it out here! 


  1. Anonymous4/26/2012

    Finally! I've been waiting all week for a new post :)

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