Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oh Summer!
You are a time of great fun: swimming, tanning, and trying to get ice cream drippings off of my seat belts.

But there is another thing that is always on people's minds when they think about summer aside from the beach, the lake, or the hot NYC pavement.

The summer fling is as old as... well I'm not sure, but it's at least as old as I am and probably goes back long before my time to the time of the last ice age when summer was here to stay for good.

Why are summer flings so enticing?
The mystery?
The knowledge you never have to see them again?
The pheromones pouring out of sweat glands as you stand across from each other in the blazing heat?

I can't say for sure, but I know they're popular.
However, there is a problem that seems to occur more and more with the globalization of technology and the ability to buy plane tickets and bus tickets cheaper than ever before.
The summer fling turned long distance relationship.

You've met the person of your dreams and now you must split ways because cujo lives in california and you live in georgia. So what do you do? How do you make this kind of relationship work.

I'm going to be very very honest with you and it might make you very very mad.
This type of relationship will NEVER work unless there is a very important ground rule set up at the on start of the relationship, COMMUNICATION: Vocal, Textual, or Visual. What I like to call VTV. How this works if you have the Vocal: Phone, Textual: Texting, and Visual: Skype or another Webcam based IM software.

Without communication long distance relationships will never work. They can't.
The basis of every relationship should be mutual desire to interact with another person because you enjoy their company, their drive, and the how they make you feel.

If either partner is not willing to make the dedication to communicate then it wont work.
It's better off as the summer fling where passion unfolded into pure delight or some other poetic bullshit.

Lives diverge and converge an unparalled rates in today's society and the odds are maybe your summer fling will pan out, but unless you live in driving distance I highly recommend you just stay friends.

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