Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Revelation

It's been a few months or maybe a lot of months or maybe a few days, but you've just discovered your ex has just jumped back into the relationship boat and left you stranded struggling for the buoy some poor sap tossed at you from the deck.

Beware, the next few days (if you are still single and searching) could be a dangerous time full of a multitude of feelings and heaven help the poor drive thru clerk who puts mayo on your "plain" hamburger.

How do we get through a time like this, when you still have feelings of hate or love or those confusing little heebie-jeebies that come with exes?

Well you can take the new relationship one of a few ways.

1. Cry - this is my personal favorite that normally makes all the new potential mates come a runnin' (ha, not).
2. Hate and Curse - Anger and denial is a common response. Sometimes this is tied in with a few evenings of heavy drinking and a bag of flaming poop on the new girl's door step (I do not support this).
3. Reach for the Ben and Jerry's - similar to crying but where as you can't eat when you cry, shoving pure sugar, milk and butter fat into you mouth is more than likely not going to have the effects of comfort you originally hoped they would have.
4. Hop into someone new's bed - sex, comfort, kissing all proved to boost endorphins and more than likely guaranteed to keep your spirits high until you have to make the walk-o-shame the next morning.
5. Smile accept the change and congratulate them on finding someone new (this idea actually makes me nauseous).
6. Surround yourself with good friends and lots to do, you're going to need something and lots of something to take this revelation off your mind. (Especially if the new girl is blonde and has a smile that would make hyenas love being around her... )

Go on try a few, personally I recommend 6 or 2, but to each your own!

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