Friday, June 18, 2010

When to delete an ex from facebook

When do you do it?
The day after the split?
The next week?
The next month?

If they've stopped texting you, and the only reason you were friends with them via facebook was for a little kiss-kiss, do you keep them on your friend-list so that you can see all the girls they're loving on?

Im not saying that every ex you have, you need to shuffle off the plank, but is there a period of time where the people you meet in bars, and then friend, and then get the subsequent slow fade from... is there a period of time where it becomes o.k. to defriend them? When does this occur?

I have recently began noticing a pile-up of people I no longer talk to with whom there are no networking potential on my facebook. It's not like I'm going to ask this person with whom I had a fling to hook me up with a sub par entry level job, so do I keep them? or do I find a way to defriend them without offending them? Do I let them know that I'm dumping their friendship?

I think that the answer comes from the amount of time you spent with that person and the severity of the split. If you spent a short amount of time and got the slow fade, hold on to them for a month or so, at least until you're 100% positive they're never going to contact you again. If you spent a long amount of time with them and had a mutual break up, why defriend them at all? You had a situation where you mutually agreed that you weren't right for each other, but you still have all that history with one another. Why make it petty and childish? You're both adults, and you've made a grown up decision, and with that in mind I suggest remaining their friend. However, should you have a heated fight which turned into a split where neither side escaped unscathed after a lengthy relationship, I recommend immediate defriending after a brief note stating the reasons you no longer wish to be in internet communication with this person. However every relationship is different, so in truth I recommend whatever feels right for you. If you even wish to defriend them at all.

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