Friday, October 14, 2011

My Ultimate Crush

It was a night like any other night in DC. I didn't want to be out at all, to be honest. My life was in shambles - nothing was going my way. To top it off, the air was humid from a heavy rain storm, and fancy people were milling in the streets outside of clubs and bars - not the normal slumming it group that I like to hang out with, but you win some - you lose some, and I had a party to attend.

I was out for JG's Birthday with Sam and some other friends at the ____. Sam and I were trolling for sexy men around the bar and failing to find the ones we wanted, when out of the corner of my eye - there he is.

My heart stopped. My breath caught. My mouth gaping wide open - fly's zooming in for the kill.

There was Goal.

Goal went to my college. Goal is exactly my type, which makes him so dangerous. Goal is the one that one guy... that one guy that actually got away.

I grabbed Sam's arm quicker than a frog latching onto a fly, pulling her towards me at the speed of light - the guys immediately around us laughing at Sam's shocked demeanor.

"There he is! There he is! There he is!"
"That guy! That guy right there! Omigod! Omigod! The man I've had a crush on for 5 years! Seriously have been crushing on him FOR.EV.ER"
"eh, he's with that girl."

Wrong. He was not. The girl wanted nothing to do with his piercing eyes and beautiful smile, and she walked away. Dumb Biddie - doesn't know what she's missing.

Right then a big smiling lug of handsome walked up, aka Hoss, and we turned our attention to him, giving him a hug, showing our love of him and all things Hoss, but when I look up Goal has disappeared.


I tap Sam on the shoulder and let her know, "I'm going to the bathroom" aka 'finding Goal.' She nods and makes to follow me..

As we slide through the crowded floor I feel someone grab me and shout over the pulsing music, "Hey, did you go to AU?"

When I turned around, I am standing face to face with a grinning Goal.
Then I almost died.
Then I almost fainted.
Then all I wanted to do was give him a hug and congratulate him on taking the one step I never could - talking to each other.

We started talking, and God, it flowed so easily. It was perfect, and he was trying to impress me - puffing up his peacock feathers, touching my arm, blocking other guys from talking to me with his body language, buying my friends drinks, laughing at my horrible jokes, and playing every card right in the let-me-show-you-that-I-can-take-care-of-you-game (Seriously some guy slammed into me, and by having Goal just glare at the guy - he came back and apologized).

The phrase "in heaven" doesn't even begin to describe how excited I was to talk to the one guy in college I never got the nerve up to talk to aside from the very frequent conversation of - "can I see your ID? Oh it's you, you're fine..." (in more ways than one).

Then my friends went to the dance floor, and I looked longingly after them - wanting to get my funk on.

"Wanna go dance with your friends?"
"Yeah I kind of do."
"Lead the way."

MELT. Readers - I melted into a puddle of happy goo. (Gross description - seriously how I was feeling).

As the beat guided our awkward dance movements, he pulled me close, "you're the one girl in college that I have always regretted not talking to."
"No way."
"Seriously, I used to go through the wrong dorm to see you. I had 20 bottles of coke in my fridge at any given time from visiting the vending machines next to the desk to see if you were working."

Yes. Destino on the Dance floor.

Cut to - 5 a.m.
Cut to - laughing our asses off over the fact we both have these massive crushes on each other and never capitalized.
Cut to - breakfast.
Cut to - unknown.

What happens now?

I honestly don't know, but after picking up a clearly very. lucky. penny. outside of the W 30-minutes before I saw him at _____, you can't even imagine how excited I am to see where this goes, but if it doesn't go anywhere I wont be heartbroken, because just wow - five years to find out my crush was everything I expected him to be and more - it's really all a girl could ask for.... And now, I'm thrilled to officially say I have no regrets in my life, because not talking to him has always been the one thing I regretted about college.


  1. How could you not know? That sounds like a night when either/both of you should have asked when you'd see each other again before parting ways! I would have!

    I guess even if you know when your next date is, you might just mean you don't know where things are going in a larger sense.

    Still, I hope it turns out well! Can't wait to read the next installment.

  2. How could I not know? Because I expect all men to be flakey flake flakes, so if he calls, I'll be thrilled. If he doesn't my heart will be saddened a bit but, what else can I do?


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