Monday, May 10, 2010


My friends and I have been having some trouble classifying relationships in the past few.... years actually. For as long as I can remember the only thing 100% concrete in life is divorce. Classifications of varying relationships become a bit, difficult once you get out of elementary school. I remember for an extended period of time during my junior high years deciphering whether or not people were on price check if they had been talking via the phone for a while, but hadn't really established themselves as dating or boyfriend/girlfriend.

So what are the classifications?

1. Divorced (I don't mean to be cynical, but it's the only one that is concrete).
2. Married
3. Civil Union ( I know, but to be PC about it).
4. Engaged
5. Promised
6. Relationship (This is that step where you're serious about your significant other, but not serious enough to propose).
7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
8. Dating (This is where you have established that you really enjoying going out with each other, but aren't ready to take the next step to make the relationship be official).
9. Seeing Each Other (This is NOT dating. Why? Because dating implies going out for dinner or an event of some sort be it expensive or free. Seeing someone means that you have established that yes you're kind of interested in one another, but depending on the level of commitment by each party really determines whether or not this will move to something more or dissipate).
10. Talking to Someone (You're in the stage before seeing, you've been chatting online or on the phone or in class and have set indefinite plans, but they haven't happened yet. In the age of chatroulette and skype this also includes talking to someone you have never met repeatedly via video chat).
11. Cuddle Buddies (This is a beautiful relationship which involves two people establishing that they are into spending time in each others arms just being with each other. This may or may not involve kissing).
12. Hooking Up (PURELY PHYSICAL, don't be a biddie and try to make this into something more).
13. The Booty Call/Sex (If you don't know this one, I can't help).

So those are the only ones I can really think of. If you have anymore that you think need to be added, let me know!

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