Saturday, May 15, 2010

If You Ask, You Should Call

“So, I had a lot of fun tonight, could I get your number?”
“yeah! 409-555-8890! Shoot me a text or something!”

3 days later and you have yet to get a single text, phone call, or accidental butt dial from the person who insisted that you swap those oh so important 9 digits. Don’t feed me that line, (s)he’s just not that into you, because why else did (s)he ask for the number?

In today’s digital society communication is faster than ever before. However, due to the lackadaisical nature in which people communicate, a lot of times, we can get overenthusiastic about a recent prospect (p2) due to the lack of communication (slow/not flirty enough/frustrating texts or phone calls) from a past prospect (p1). And even though p2 is quite awesome and fun, they still come in second as compared to p1 who is the original prospect, which leaves p2 sad, and dejected. And I mean maybe that’s what you want, as Anne of Green Gables said it maybe you want a string full of beaus and drive them wild for you. Maybe that makes you happy, maybe that’s what helps you get off at night, but this is a two way street here people and when you leave someone hanging without a simple, hey I had a great time, but I’m not ready to settle down. It’s just rude. Have the respect to let p2 off the hook. There are nice ways to let someone know you’re not interested, and a big number one is DON’T ASK FOR THE NUMBER.

Maybe you think they’re sexy, you’ve had a few laughs, and your friends are ready to head to bar number twelve for the night, but you’re just really not as interested in prospect at bar eleven as you were with the prospect at bar number four who you’ve been texting all night. There’s a simple solution, don’t ask for the number, smile, give a hug, and say nice meeting you, but I gotta go!

But with this in mind it is also relevant to mention that should someone ask for your number, they should use it. Even if it is just to say “I’m not interested and you don’t want to see them again” as stated earlier, then let them know so they’ don’t become that sad girl in He’s Just Not That Into You waiting by the phone dying for your call.

There’s something called common courtesy people.

However, should you ask for the number genuinely interested in the person you were flirting it up with, then use it with confidence. Go get ‘em tiger! HOWEVER, I’m not saying call them 5 times after just meeting them, leave 3 voice messages, and 15 texts because you want them to catch up with you at the next bar, but a cute little “Hey this is the hottie with the body you were talking to at Rumors! Hope to see you soon!” doesn’t hurt.

There’s a fine line between hottie with a body and crazed stalker.

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