Saturday, May 1, 2010

Advice on Drunk Dialing Lovers

Lately as the year goes on, I've heard from many of my female friends that they all seem to be having the same issue. Men will only text them when they're 1.Drunk, 2. High, or 3. Looking for Some, which technically is a part of 1 and 2.

While I know that getting a man can be difficult there are certain self evident truths that are indelible in our search for the perfect man. We women and men, should not have to feel degraded by a drunk text. We need to realize that this is a part of life and it is bound to happen. If it occurs every now and then in concurrence with sober texting and calling, then you have nothing to worry about, clearly there is some affection during times of sobriety, but should these texts pop up only during the numbered items up top, then you need to realize that he or she thinks of you in only a physical or flippant manner. Someone who really likes you will make the effort to communicate when their minds are not impaired. If someone never makes that effort then you have the utmost right to call him or her out on it in order to stand up for your rights as a human who deserves to be respected.

So, if what you want from a relationship is long term lovey-dovey type things, then you should stay away, but if you want to be in a relationship, which is essentially physical and sexy and fun, then you should continue to engage with the drunk/high/sexually frustrated men/women.
But with that said then don't expect anything other than physicality. If it leads to something more, that's great, but that is normally the exception, not the rule.

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