Friday, September 10, 2010


Do I call her back... or do I wait two days, to make her reeeeally want to talk to me.

Maybe this is cranky me talking, but normally I would say that 98% of people (yes I made the statistic up, but I'd say 9.8 out of 10 friends agree) dislike playing games.

Oh yes, you like them at first. Sophomore girls represent, but then you start to see a certain pattern, and you're not liking the findings.

If after a date you have to wonder "o.m.g it's taking him like 7 hours to respond to me!?"
Or "why isn't she answering her damn phone?"

Then you my dear, are the target of games.
We all think we're so very suave walking around with our curt nods and our sly hugs in front of the person we're crushing, but in truth, we're making them mad and ruining their sense of pride.

People have this need to connect to one another. It's why sex where there's a visual eye-to-eye connection is more intense. It's why people form bonds and create friendships, we need to feel understood, but throw a stick in the bicycle spokes, and people become confused.

Games make no one feel understood, and they seem to be reciprocal. I.E. If I play someone now... three days/weeks/months/years down, I'm probably going to get gamed too.

Let's go through a typical game.

Boy meets Girl.
Girl likes Boy.
Boy likes Girl.
Girl friends Boy immediately on facebook...
Boy takes three days to accept, then sends a message.
Girl reads message and then takes a week to respond.
Boy gets pissy and puts Girl on limited profile.
Girl gets angry and defriends Boy.
Boy and Girl lose a potential friendship/relationship due to games.

Now you're asking, but what if I didn't respond to the friend request, because I was really busy. Sit down. Shut up.

How many times a day do you go on facebook... well guess what... facebook chat, shows when you're on. People are quite clever with reading names in chat lists in today's day and age.

We're in a world of constant-instantaneous communication. We text our friends; we email our boss; we call our moms/dads/sig-ots all the time. The people we meet who might potentially like us... know this. They know how fast communication happens. Old fashioned in today's society is going out on an actual date with wine/flowers/the whole she-bang, but some how in this modern age, sticking to the whole three days calling thing, still entices people.

Stop it. If you like someone tell them.

Ok... maybe don't run across the quad to the cute girl in your bio class, but if you have someone you just started dating and they're pulling the I'm too cool to show you how into you I am, game. Then call them out on it. Games are ridiculous. People who let themselves get gamed are essentially saying here's my feelings, have fun stomping them. Tell them within reason. You don't have to come out and say, "I like you, you're a peach!," but you could say, "I enjoy spending time with you."

So For the Future Potential Relationships out There, a few rules to live by:
5. ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET TO KNOW A PERSON (More on this in a later Blog!)

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