Saturday, July 23, 2011


In my boredom of waiting for a man to text me back so that I could zoom around with him on the ocean of love (yeah, I'm corny), I started reading old blog posts of my favorite blogs including Kissing and Other Disasters.

And APPARENTLY the internet has a MASH game, and since I love MASH, because yes I'm still enjoying the memories of my childhood I needed to play.

But a crash course for those who don't know. Mash is a game where you write down a lot of potential choices and then you pick a number and you cross out a choice every time your number hits. So eventually you're left with one in every category and your future written for the world to see.

Here's my future.

You will marry THEMARINE. Oh Dear God, I just put him in as a joke and now my life is forever joined!? Well He's got a great smile, thick eyebrows, his personality, and an AWESOME group of friends going for him, so I'll deal, as long as it means many more nights running through Dupont till 5 AM throwing people in fountains and singing bad 80s music.

This is him right after he snorted a line of pepper with my friend R. They won $2.50 a piece for this bet. (30 mins later I took two shots of salt water in order for his best friend to pay for my Red Velvet Cake from Afterwords Cafe in Dupont Circle, So I'm not really judging him for this).

After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Aruba in your fabulous House, because he wont want to live in Texas, and Mississippi is just too backwoods for even my southern sensibilities, even if he does have a lucrative future in the construction industry. I'm going to need to start working on my beach bod.

You will have 2 kids together, and those poor-unfortunate-short-children will sport my giant hands, feet and teeth AND his thick eyebrows, button nose, and a certain affinity for tattoos. They will forever be made fun of until the end of times. I see getting a lot of blame for their troll like appearance when they reach puberty, but they'll be descendants of Robert the Bruce and the 1st governor of Puerto Rico, so they can shut their traps, it's all about the Pedigree.

The family will zoom around in a Blue Pontiac Vibe. No van driving, soccer mom here. With its sleek lines and roomy interior, I'll be able to fit our whole family and all the baseball gear ever needed! Yes, I will be the baseball mom everyone wants to be.

You will spend your days as a Film Editor, and live happily ever after, hopefully working along side Mira Nair or Paul Verhoeven, but if they're not making films in Aruba, I might be stuck editing SCUBA diving tourist videos... damn my life and how hard it sounds.

If you'd like to play the MASH game online visit this website

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  1. I can still feel that pepper in my nose. UGHHHHH.


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