Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mom's Blog

So I recently told my mother about being ditched via text message by dick macdickerson, and she had a marvelous little motherly gem which I'll share with you. Granted, yes, it's my mother essentially telling me how awesome I am, but it is relevant to those who think that there are many more fish in the sea.

"There are lots of fishes in the sea and you just have to have the right one take the bait and hook! and he will never want to be let go!!!! and he will never let anything come between the bait and the catcher of said "fish"!

You will know a keeper when you find one! And if he is tooo fish brained to know a keeper when he finds one (i.e. you), he is no catch at all! Throw him back and forget him!!!

Me, I prefer a fish who will swim after me, around and through all obstacles in the way. Not stopping to play with the dolphins (floozy-woozies) but going past the sharks (really really floozy-woozies that you would not want to bring home to momma), and across the ocean if need be, while letting me know he cares enough to take the time to "catch" me!

Getting caught by a keeper is soooo much more fun!
So I say, good riddance to Mister Text message breakup weinee breath man, You've got bigger fish to fry!"

And by jove if my momma ain't right. If we waste our time on focusing on the losers who swim with the floozy-woozies and who are more focused on increasing their personal wealth or so focused on becoming the next head of JP Morgan, etc... that they don't take time to appreciate the people in their lives, it's not worth the trouble even bait your line, because if all you have at the end of the day is a pile full of money and no one to spend it with/on then what are you aside from Jefri Bolkiah. And seriously while you may party and drink and booze till your little heart is content, the relationships/friendships/love you're missing out on is your own. damn. fault.

So the key, I believe, is to focus on the keepers when you find them and ignore the floozy-woozies (not that I'm knocking it, sometimes it's nice for some floozy-ing and woozy-ing) and the people so career focused they can't take time to stop and smell the roses, because seriously, if they aren't making time for you now, they're not going to make time for you later, and in the end, they weren't a keeper to begin with.

P.S. there's a marvelous little book written by a lady named Jillian Lauren about being part of Jefri Bolkiah's Harem. You should check it out!


  1. William7/06/2011

    Great advice, and a wonderful way to word it!

  2. Ahhh! I just got the book from you! So excited to read it!


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